Update from the Greek hospital under workers’ control

The health workers who have occupied a hospital in Greece and placed it under workers control have issued a new statement regarding the occupation. The following statement has been made by the health workersoccupying the hospital. Hello all, Thank you so much for your interest and support. The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on … Continue reading

Eman El-Shenawi: The Eurozone’s coup d’état in Greece is complete

Greece has not been bailed out; the eurozone has. This is an agonizing point analysts are continuing to drum home to a world which eagerly follows the thespian events in the country’s debt saga. Last week, Greece was readying itself to endorse a debt swap with private bondholders to slice €100 billion off the country’s … Continue reading

How austerity is destroying Greek society: a report from Athens

Hundreds of parents do not have money or food for their children. Four children, including a newborn baby, were recently abandoned on the doorstep of the youth centre, Ark of the World in Athens. Anna, aged four, was left at her school holding a note that read: “I will not be coming to pick up … Continue reading

Greek tragedy vs. Icelandic saga

(CNN) – Greece may be known for its tragedies and Iceland famous for its sagas but recent history tells us these stories may turn out to have very different endings–from an economic point of view at least. In October 2008, Iceland became one of the earliest victims of a credit crunch whose ugly effects many … Continue reading

“They are taking the very air that we breathe!”

The three SOS Children’s Villages in Greece are facing some major problems. Increasingly, parents want to hand over their children to the SOS Children’s Villages because they can no longer feed them. In the past twelve months, over 1,000 desperate inquiries have been submitted. The organisation has responded with an increased engagement through SOS family … Continue reading

How Financial Crisis, Economic Inequality, Social Media, and More Brought Revolutions in 2011–and Changed Us Forever

Journalist Paul Mason covered the uprisings of 2011 as they occurred. His new book “Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere,” explains why they all happened at once. February 23, 2012  | We’re at an inflection point in history, a shift not just in our politics but our consciousness, says Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight economics editor, author and journalist. … Continue reading


Alain Badiou, Jean-Christophe Bailly, Étienne Balibar, Claire Denis, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Ranciere, Avital Ronell. At a time when one Greek youth out of two is unemployed. Where 25,000 homeless wander the streets of Athens. Where 30% of the population has fallen under the poverty line and where millions of families are forced to place their … Continue reading

The Colonization Begins: Germany May Send 160 Tax Collectors To Greece

Since the European colonial state of southern Bavaria Sachs (formerly known as the insolvent Hellenic Republic) no longer even pretends to be anything less than a pass-thru funding colony of its creditors, said creditors (European banks and various insurance companies) are about to send out the first group of colonial scouts in the form of German tax … Continue reading

Greece must default if it wants democracy

When Wolfgang Schäuble proposed that Greece should postpone its elections as a condition for further help, I knew that the game would soon be up. We are at the point where success is no longer compatible with democracy. The German finance minister wants to prevent a “wrong” democratic choice. Similar to this is the suggestion to let the … Continue reading

Greece is being destroyed by ‘respectable’ fanatics

The EU, which boasts that solidarity is its founding principle, is forcing Greece into destitution and chaos Greek democracy is being destroyed. Not by soldiers marching with insane slogans on their lips about the inevitable triumph of the German master race, international proletariat or global jihad, but by moderate men and women who think themselves … Continue reading