Greece bailout: Eurozone ministers set new conditions

The chairman of a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers says fresh conditions will be attached to a 130bn euro ($170bn; £110bn) bailout for Greece.

Jean-Claude Juncker said an extra 325 million euros ($432m; £273m) in savings for 2012 will be needed.

The Greek parliament will also have to pass the package of cuts and reforms on Sunday.

And political leaders will have to promise to continue to implement the reforms after elections in April.

“Despite the important progress achieved over the last days, we did not yet have all necessary elements on the table to take decisions today,” Mr Juncker, the Luxembourg prime minister, said.

“All these measures are important to ensure a smooth implementation of the programme also after the upcoming general elections.

“These three elements, those I mentioned, need to be in place before we can take decisions,” Mr Juncker added.

He further welcomed “assurances provided by the Greek government that all the necessary elements will be put in place in the coming days,” Reuters reports.

One Response to “Greece bailout: Eurozone ministers set new conditions”
  1. tsopanos1959 says:

    Αnd he also said that the greek parliament will vote yes to the proposed plan,he said it twice creating a fuss in the room.
    Are we paying for a parliament that takes orders to vote?

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