Anonymous sets its sights on Greece

HACKTIVIST GROUP Anonymous has turned its attentions to Greece’s political dysfunction.

The online protests follow mass popular protests that began when the country announced severe austerity measures demanded by the European financial cabal. The group is attacking the country’s government under its Antisec banner and is posting up successful hits with regularity.

“Looks like TANGO DOWN #Anonymous via @AnonymousPress #Greece is on fire after yes vote on banker bailout. #Athens” says one message from the anarchic hacker collective.

People protested in response to the austerity cuts, riots happened, the riot police came out, and Anonymous reacted. A number of web sites have already fallen at its hands and the attacks show no sign of abating.

So far the hackers have taken down police and government web sites as well as the Greek prime minister’s web site, and more are likely to follow.

“Taken down: Major TV channel, the Greek Prime Minister, the National Police, the Ministry of Finance, the Greek Parliament and the Minister of finance Evangelos Venizelos (personal site),” says a message on the Anonops blog.

“The Greek parliament has finally approved an enormously unpopular bill on Monday to secure a second EU/IMF bailout and avoid national bankruptcy, despite buildings being set ablaze in central Athens against it. No more IMF! Stop the intervention in greek sovereignty. If you don’t give Democracy a chance, you should Expect Us!”

On Friday the hackers reportedly attacked the web site again, as well as part of the UN. According to Anonops these attacks were launched in response to increased hostile activity against filesharing web sites.

Source: The Inquirer (


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