Greece ‘stuck between a rock and actually paying tax’

GREECE could be forced to set up some kind of tax system, the country’s prime minster has admitted.

As MPs in Athens passed a new round of reality measures, Lucas Papademos warned the country now faced the ‘impossible choice’ between total economic ruin and VAT.He said: “It seems we are going to have to do stuff and then pay tax on the money we get from doing the stuff. Where does one even begin?”Initial ideas for new Greek industries include pretending everything will be fine and setting fire to large public buildings.

Papademos added: “What if we tax arson at 30 percent and pretending at 40 percent? I think that’s how it works.”

Economist Julian Cook said: “The issue of whether or not Greece stays in the Euro still seems to be relevant, which I do find incredibly sweet.

“It’s a bit like someone who owes you fifty quid asking if you take invisible credit cards.”

He added: “At least Mr Papademos has finally hit upon the doing and taxing of ‘stuff’.

“And while it’s not for me to tell the Greeks what stuff they should do, I suspect it will have to involve sunshine and delivering cheap lager to fat, horrid, working class English people.

“And there, I think you will find, is your ‘hard place’.”


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