Media Disgracre

It is a sad comment on all media that a bigger headline is reflecting the death of a crack, alchoholic fuel celebrity on the eve of a major musical award ceremony than the future of a nation.   I won’t even dignify the name of the singer, only that she and her husband filled the racks of People, US, Star magazines in every grocery store in America.  I will mention the name of the country whose people are faced with government leaders who have forsaken their future and are unwilling to lose themselves from the tyranny of debt.


The Greek people are rioting while it is expected that the technocrat prime minister continues to feed lies that life under austerity will be the solution for  five years of recession and a 20% (and growing) unemployment rate.   The deal offered from the EU is unsustainable.  The question why is Papademous so intent on getting approval for a deal that Greece cannot have any prospects for success?  The answer lies in who his true master is and it is not the Greek people.   Perhaps it is time for him to wake up to reality and realize that more debt is not the solution.  What little leverage Greece has will evaporate once his parliment passes the deal.  The country will no longer belong to Greeks.   But then again, that is not his concern.   Very sad. In my opinion, what happens to the land of the birth of democracy is much more news worthy than an individual who couldn’t give a damn about humanity.


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