Economic disaster in Greece leads to Record suicide rate and calling for death to the treacherous politicians

Sources say the suicide note compared the current administration to the regime imposed by Greece’s Nazi German occupiers in 1941.

AFP – An elderly man shot himself in the head Wednesday in central Athens, drawing an emotional response from Greeks who flooded the area in a spontaneous anti-government protest.

The 77-year-old retired pharmacist killed himself in busy Syntagma Square, just 100 metres (yards) from the Greek parliament, which for two years has been the main rallying point for protests against the austerity measures designed to haul Greece from its fiscal crisis.”It’s tragic that one of our citizens has taken his own life. In these difficult moments for our society, government and citizens, we must support people who find themselves in distress,” said Prime Minister Lucas Papademos in a statement.

About 1,000 people poured into the area early in the afternoon, rallied by messages on social media. They left flowers, candles and handwritten messages at the foot of a cypress tree. Some of the notes called for an “uprising of the people”. “Rise up, your fate will be all of ours,” said one. “May this death be the last of an innocent citizen. I hope the next victims will be the treacherous politicians,” said another.

CKA – Communism does not work and neither does socialism. Europe is a disaster with massive debt due to crazy liberal, socialist policies. The suicide rate is exploding and one factor is the hopelessness the citizens feel for the disaster they are leaving their children. Greece does not have the luxury of running a printing press that the United States enjoys.

The Dollar is the World Reserve currency so we keep printing to pay our debts and interest on our debt but those days are numbered. Our financial debt crisis makes Greece look like they have a surplus. We have barely scratched the surface in terms of what lies ahead for the US and the massive austerity that is coming. It’s not a question of if, its a question of when!!!

One Response to “Economic disaster in Greece leads to Record suicide rate and calling for death to the treacherous politicians”
  1. Glynis Jolly says:

    Most Americans aren’t going to believe it can happen, let alone that it will. Unfortunately these people are going to find out that it’s happening to everyone, including them. Big changes are coming.

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