Anti-Nazi and anti-repression demonstration in the city of Mytilini

Nearly 150 protesters participated in the evening demonstration that was called by the Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini on June 1st, in the major city of Lesvos Island. Many texts were shared out, including flyposting, antifascist slogans were chanted, while walls were painted with graffiti and stencils along the route. There was no threat from cops or neo-Nazis during the protest march.

The demo had also a wider counter-informative character. Comrades have spread some facts about the recent (and ongoing) repressive wave and pretrial incarcerations against anarchists in Istanbul, in relation to the May Day protests, through the dissemination of an open letter from anarchist prisoners to the public (here), translated in Greek by “Squat in Mpineio” (here). Comrades threw related fliers along the demo route to make passersby aware of this case, thus demonstrating their solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted anarchists in Turkey.

In addition, leaflets were shared out in solidarity with three anarchists in Athens who are threatened with completely unsustained prosecutions, in relation to the death of three bank employees in the Marfin bank branch on May 5th, 2010. Last year, in April 29th, 2011, the same three anarchists were kidnapped by cops and detained, but they were never officially charged, so they were released. Nevertheless, the “investigation” has not yet ceased.

The State/Capital takes revenge on anarchists; let’s take revenge on the State/Capital everywhere.

What’s hazardous for people is not whores seropositive for HIV but the acceleration of fascism in society (flyer about currently prosecuted female prostitutes that were found HIV-positive after raids in migrants’ homes in Athens and “health checks” in brothels and downtown streets frequented by sex workers)

Nazis aren’t cool / The more they steal your life, the more they have you doped with nation and race

source/more photos / few more antifa demos


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