Ireland may not riot like Greece – but protests are spreading

RECENT TIMES HAVE seen a resurgence in political activity in Ireland, particularly in the last few months. The boycott of the unjust household tax proved to be a success and generated large networks of organisers and activists across the country. New campaigns have sprung up in response to the sovereign debt crisis, notably Anglo: Not Our … Continue reading

Spain’s Unbearable Pain

Another week, another bout of social unrest in a Euro peripheral nation, if the fourth largest econony in the area (Spain) can even be called that. Yesterday’s action saw more than a million people take to the streets in protest, while several million actually participated in the 24-hour general strike (about 77% of union workers), … Continue reading

Greece shows us how to protest against a failed system

The rage displayed in Greek cities against austerity measures inspires all who are suffering for the benefit of banks and the rich I do not like violence. I do not think that very much is gained by burning banks and smashing windows. And yet I feel a surge of pleasure when I see the reaction in … Continue reading

A way out of the woods

LAST year every new jolt in the euro crisis sent financial markets into a spin. This year they have become blasé. They barely even registered the torching of buildings in Athens, nor the last-minute cancellation of a meeting of ministers that was supposed to agree on a new aid package for Greece. Although a calm … Continue reading

Media Disgracre

It is a sad comment on all media that a bigger headline is reflecting the death of a crack, alchoholic fuel celebrity on the eve of a major musical award ceremony than the future of a nation.   I won’t even dignify the name of the singer, only that she and her husband filled the racks of People, … Continue reading

‘Greece Cannot Be Ruled Against the Will of its People’

Greece may now have passed the austerity measures demanded from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, but the country’s political system is showing signs of stress. Additional pressure from Europe isn’t helping. German commentators warn that political radicalization cannot be ruled out.

European Doubts Growing over Greece Debt Strategy

‘The Troika’s Policies Have Failed’ For months, European leaders have been trying to find a way out of the Greek debt crisis. But austerity is merely driving the country deeper into economic despair. Is it time for a radical rethink? Many think the answer is yes. By SPIEGEL Staff

Greece euro crisis: Most dangerous moment

We have now reached the most dangerous moment in the Greek crisis. For much of the week the Greek political leaders in the governing coalition struggled to agree to another round of austerity measures in exchange for a new bailout package. They went as far as they could. They agreed to cuts in the minimum wage … Continue reading

Greece bailout: Coalition ‘to finalise’ austerity deal

Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is meeting coalition parties in an attempt to seal an austerity agreement to secure a new EU/IMF bailout. The three parties were handed the draft after final touches were agreed between the PM and EU, ECB and IMF officials. The accord is likely to include a 20% minimum wage reduction, … Continue reading

Greece: ‘There’s no more left to cut’

That’s enough, we can’t take it anymore.” That was the popular chant coming from protesters in Athens yesterday during the latest 24-hour general strike against the country’s austerity measures. Teachers and doctors joined bank employees to demonstrate against a new round of expected cuts as the cash-strapped country continued to negotiate new reductions in spending … Continue reading