The women Greece blames for its HIV crisis

Prostitutes have been rounded up and jailed as new cases soar by CHARLOTTE MCDONALD-GIBSON The women glare into the camera, their humiliated, pale faces smeared with make-up and tears. Glazed eyes stare out under lurid headlines warning of “the nightmare of Aids” with “infected prostitutes” posing a “death trap for hundreds of people”. Advertisements

Prostitutes, migrants rounded up in Greece

WITH ONLY days to go to Sunday’s general election, the streets of the Greek capital have been spared much of the intense political campaigning that characterised previous elections. But they have been the scene of two pre-election crackdowns encouraged by key ministers desperate to hold on to their seats. The first crackdown, which began in … Continue reading

Greece arrests 17 HIV-positive women in brothels

Greek authorities announced the arrest of 17 HIV-positive women who allegedly worked illegally as prostitutes, accusing them of intentionally causing serious bodily harm.   This is an appalling violation of human rights and medical confidentiality … an unprecedented action stigmatization The names and photographs of 12 of the women were published on the Greek Police’s website, … Continue reading