Protesting Italian miner slashes wrist on television

(Reuters) – A Sardinian miner slashed his wrist in front of television cameras on Wednesday as some 100 fellow workers stayed barricaded underground in a campaign to keep Italy’s only coal pit open. “We cannot take it any more. We cannot! We cannot!” Stefano Meletti, 49, shouted to reporters in a dark chamber of the … Continue reading

Good Friday 2012: when the line is crossed

The Italian-American writer Pietro di Donato’s short story Christ in Concretefirst appeared in 1937, and was later expanded into a novel which became one of the most widely read books ever published in the United States. It is an only slightly fictionalised account of the life of his father, Geremio, a bricklayer who had died, trapped in … Continue reading

Economic disaster in Greece leads to Record suicide rate and calling for death to the treacherous politicians

Sources say the suicide note compared the current administration to the regime imposed by Greece’s Nazi German occupiers in 1941. AFP – An elderly man shot himself in the head Wednesday in central Athens, drawing an emotional response from Greeks who flooded the area in a spontaneous anti-government protest.

Suicide victim cites Greek austerity

Athens, Greece (CNN) — An elderly man took his own life near the Greek parliament building in central Athens, police said Wednesday, in what was apparently a protest over the austerity crisis gripping the nation. The man, who was in his mid-70s, wrote in a suicide note that the government had made it impossible for him … Continue reading