Angela’s vision

IN THESE times of tribulation for the euro, Germany offers a prophecy. One day, when the euro zone has got beyond the wilderness of austerity and structural reform, it will be rewarded with prosperity. Europe will have worked off its debt and become more competitive. Markets will see that the real problems of the world … Continue reading

Why the All-Important Greek Election Changed Absolutely Nothing

On Sunday, Greek citizens voted for the euro. On Monday, investors voted against it. And so, an election that we expected to avert an international financial meltdown ultimately corresponded with one.

Divided Greece “risks social explosion”

By Michael Stott ATHENS | Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:43am EDT (Reuters) – Pro-bailout party New Democracy may have come first in Sunday’s Greek election but the radical left anti-austerity SYRIZA bloc was celebrating like the real winner well into the warm Athens night. The election exposed a struggling nation deeply divided over whether to implement a harsh … Continue reading

Golden Dawn threatens hospital raids against immigrants in Greece

Far-right party says it will throw immigrants and their children out on the street, as some hospitals run short of supplies by Helena Smith In an atmosphere that has become increasingly electric before Greece‘s crucial election, the far-right Golden Dawn has ratcheted up the rhetoric by threatening to remove immigrants and their children from hospitals and … Continue reading

Here They Come: Ireland Demands Renegotiation Of Its Bailout Terms To Match Spain

Well that didn’t take long. The ink on the #Spailout is not dry yet (well technically there is no ink, because none of the actual details of the Spanish banking system rescue are even remotely known, and likely won’t be because when it comes to answering where the money comes from there simply is no answer) and we already … Continue reading

Greece election debate turns violent

Greece’s heated election campaign has turned ugly on live TV, with a spokesman for the far-right party Golden Dawn physically assaulting two left-wing deputies during a morning political show. A public prosecutor ordered Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris’ immediate arrest after Thursday’s incident. Tempers frayed on the political show on the private Antenna television station … Continue reading

MPs from Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn arrested over racist attack

Two newly elected MPs from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party were among six people arrested over an attack on a Pakistani man in Athens, in the latest in a series of incidents that have raised fears that Greece‘s immigrants are being targeted in the runup to this month’s crucial elections. Ilias Panagiotaros and Ioannis Vouldis were briefly held … Continue reading

Insight: Europe treads a thin line on Greece

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Two weeks ago, Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Union’s top two officials, met for lunch in Van Rompuy’s offices to discuss the deteriorating situation in Greece. Their immediate concern was an uncompromising letter. On May 10, Alexis Tsipras, the 37-year-old leader of Greece’s far-left SYRIZA coalition, had written … Continue reading

As Greece Turns Leftward, Its Tycoons Stay in Background

ATHENS — While money pours out of Greek banks and Europe debates whether or not Greece deserves its next handout, the people potentially in the best position to help shore up the nation’s finances are mainly keeping their heads down. They are among the wealthiest Greeks — whether shipping magnates, whose tax-free status is enshrined in the … Continue reading

Merkel’s Referendum Sets Greeks on Fire – Eurogroup Knew About it…

With her ‘alleged’ (?) euro-referendum proposal German Chancellor Angela Merkel achieved the impossible: to unite all Greek Parties against her! The pro-bailout and the contra-bailout parties alike. Despite denials from the German side and confirmations from the Greek side, there is still confusion on Saturday morning as to whether Angela Merkel suggested to Greek President Karolos … Continue reading